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Originally Posted by YankeeDudeL View Post
Wow, things are really starting to get ugly around here. Sounds like everyone who's been biding their time for months watching people enjoy the Droid and now the Nexus are starting to get the I-shoulda-been-a-buyer's remorse. lol

Ok, now that I've stirred you'se up, chill out children. No need to jump down someone's throat b/c they want this phone to come out as badly as you, and are just anxious for any bit of info to come out.
In actuality, I have these moments where I think I should just get a Droid or more likely an Eris. But then I remember that I have to live with this phone for the next two years so I'm avoiding buyer's remorse with those two phones and waiting on something I'm 100% confident I want, no compromises. Actually, I should have picked up the Eris when it was released since the ETF was much lower. I could have made my money back selling it on ebay. Oh well. My car charger for my razr w/ weak battery just showed up so I should be able to make it another month and a half or so.
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