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Originally Posted by OutofDate1980 View Post
Reagan: plus 14.9 percentage points
GHW Bush: plus 7.1 percentage points
Clinton: down 13.4 percentage points
GW Bush: plus 5.6 percentage points
Obama: plus 24.6 percentage points
(Note: We derived most of these data from table 7.1 of the budget office historical tables, which gives end-of-fiscal year figures, so they do not quite match up to presidential terms. Obama’s figures are based on the GDP: public debt ratio as of June 30, 2011"
That actually made my head hurt. They are taking 1 number, adding another number, subtracting a third number, dividing by the second number.

Let me put it into context. You are on a plane. The distance between you and the ground is call height (debt). You can either go down (gdp) or the ground can rise up as a mountain to you (spending). So lets place hard numbers. Obama is spending no more the bush did. Which means that ground was increasing in height. If the ground is a steady increase what would make the distance between the ground and plane smaller? You got it the plane is going down.

Bush took the gdp to a 10 year low. Which means debt per gpd was higher then clinton, because of inflation, but only inflation. The plane was pointed to the ground. The ground is slowing rising to meet the plane, wonder what is going to happen?

The facts still remain the same. 10 trillion dollars of the 14 trillion that is owed, was spent by a republican president. They are trying to bend the number to fit a their agendas.

I have no idea where they are getting any of the numbers from. They are sure in the hell not in the link they provided.

If you want to look up the real numbers. US Federal Deficit As Percent Of GDP in United States 2000-2010 - Federal State Local

But ok, lets get rid of OBAMA. I want Rick Perry for president. 15c42fab8a36c7db89aaf28

This guy actually gave 35 million dollars in tax breaks to SUB PRIME lenders. He gave 35 million dollars to the people that raped the America. Can we have the guy that give huge cooperation, huge tax breaks for ripping people off?
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