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Angry Internal overheating shatters LCD on Dell Streak 7

My personal Streak 7 hell.
I originally purchased my Dell Streak 7 about 2 ½ months ago. The original one worked flawlessly out of the box, and all the way home the 200 miles from Denver. I laid it on an end table and went to bed. The next morning it was dead and no amount of charging or resetting would fix it.
I called Dell, and they sent me a new one. This one lasted just a few hours then locked up and no amount of tech support would revive it.
I called Dell, and they made me send it in for repairs this time. (I later found that I should have spoken with a supervisor and I could have gotten another new one sent out) I sent it off, and tracked the package a few days later and found it had gone to MEXICO!!! (Also, how do they repair these if they, as Dell says, have no parts or repair options for the Streak 7)
After SIX weeks, I finally received my Streak back, and it was as dead as a doornail right out of the box. Almost as if they hadn’t touched it!
I called Dell, and they tried to get me to send it back in again. I insisted on speaking with a supervisor and he rolled over and agreed to send out a new unit. 3 days later, I had the new unit. I plugged it in to charge, and went on a bike ride. When I returned, the unit had internally overheated, bowed up by the upper camera, and shattered the LCD. I was not happy!!
I called Dell, and they agreed to send out another new unit. I received it, and being paranoid by now, plugged it into a surge protector which was plugged into a Uninterruptable Power Supply, and placed the unit in a safe place in my computer desk drawer. About two hours later, I peeked in the drawer, and saw that the charge indicator light was green, and pulled the unit out, only to find it had done the EXACT same thing as the previous unit. Shattered LCD!!!
I called Dell, and they agreed to send out another new unit. I received it, and being REALLY paranoid by now, I did not even plug it in. I turned it on, got it on my wireless, signed into Google, then laid the unit on a shelf in a wooden cabinet in a safe place. I went back about 15 minutes later, and, you guessed it! EXACT same thing, the LCD had shattered again, this time with the unit NEVER being plugged in to power!
I called Dell, and they agreed to send out another new unit. I received it, and being REALLY REALLY paranoid by now, I did the same as with the last one, only this time I set it in the middle of my wooden dining room table once it had been verified working, and let it set. I went back two hours latter, and again, SHATTERED LCD!!
I called Dell, and this time they tried to get me to send it in for repairs again. I refused and insisted on speaking with a supervisor. I had to repeat myself, very calmly, 3 times “Ma’m , I need to speak with a supervisor” before she would agree. She went off for a while and came back and said that her supervisor had told her to send me another new one.
So, that’s where we’re at, I’m at a loss to figure out why these units are failing other than Dell knows they have a problem but are shipping the units anyway. I have no confidence that the new one I’ll receive in 3 days will give me any different results.
Dell also has issues with the whole returns process. I keep being told that the new unit will come with a return shipping label, but none of them have, so I have to ask Dell to email me one every time. I also get a strange email every time telling me to “wait, there’s still time to change my mind about returning my product”!!
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