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Originally Posted by scary alien View Post
I'm guessing you were underwhelmed by Apple's announcements (or lack of iPhone 5 announcement) yesterday? (I didn't read too much about it, but I know you were biding your time).
I can't say that I was underwhelmed at all. There are only a few things I don't like about the iPhone and iOS:

- the glass back. I know several people who have shattered theirs. Since the 4S still has that back, that was one strike against it

- iOS Mail's handling of Gmail. No easy "report as spam" (or, vice versa - mark something that was in SPAM as not SPAM), no easy way to label messages, no official Gmail push client (the exchange support offered by Google does not trash messages when you delete them, but instead archives them, with no way to change that behavior). I do a lot of gmail triage on my phone, so this is pretty big for me.

- no way to archive SMS and MMS messages to Gmail, using a method similar to the excellent SMS Backup+ app, or add calendar entries for phone calls to your calendar, using an app like CallTrack (or at least that I know of). The fact that I can do this on Android is incredibly useful to me.

Frankly, I've had the ability to do voice control/use voice actions on Android for a year or so now, but the number of times that I have done so? A few times at first, just to test it. I find it just weird to think about talking to my phone in public. So, Siri, which looks like fantastic technology, just doesn't sway me, either.

The iPhone 4S with iOS5 will be an excellent phone, and I almost decided to go that way, but just decided to stay Android this time around. I just couldn't wait until a possible iPhone 5 with a standard, durable chassis, and I really needed a phone with a good radio that I could count on to perform well on calls (unlike the Eris, and it seems that almost all of the HTC phones have had this problem with weak radios.) I also decided that I wanted a phone that was as feature-modern as possible - dual core, lots of RAM - so, for me, that left the Droid X2, the Droid 3, and the Bionic. I played around with all three today and just liked the Bionic best. (4G does not sway me at all, and, in fact, I have it turned off.) I'm also hoping (though not necessarily counting on) the fact that Google's (hopefully allowed) purchase of Motorola Mobility will mean that the bootloader will be unlocked and more aggressive rooting may occur as time goes on. (For now, though, I am staying stock as long as possible.)

I do want to say, though, that the tech at the VZW store completely bungled setting this phone up today. I told him that I wanted to do it myself, he insisted on doing it himself, and wasted an hour of my time. 3G never turned on, so he stopped the initial setup, after I entered my Google account credentials, and attached to the WiFi hotspot at the Starbucks next door (!!!). I waited 45 minutes to see that the phone never connected to 3G, waited for the guy to finally fix it, then went home to factory reset and start the whole thing over again.
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