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Originally Posted by kyler13 View Post
In actuality, I have these moments where I think I should just get a Droid or more likely an Eris. But then I remember that I have to live with this phone for the next two years so I'm avoiding buyer's remorse with those two phones and waiting on something I'm 100% confident I want, no compromises. Actually, I should have picked up the Eris when it was released since the ETF was much lower. I could have made my money back selling it on ebay. Oh well. My car charger for my razr w/ weak battery just showed up so I should be able to make it another month and a half or so.

I'm all for waiting to making an informed decision and not settling for what you're not sure you really want. I figured I could be a jacknut and you'se could all come after the evil Droid owner, lol. You'se were starting to turn on each other, figured I'd help unify, lol.

I'm a very happy and proud Droid owner. My g/f is soon approaching her upgrade and will be making her way to Android on Verizon. She likes all the capabilities of the Droid, but it's a bit large and heavy for her liking. So I'm keeping my ears to the railroad track to hear what's coming. We're all on board the Android revolution.
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