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Originally Posted by aussietaff View Post
Hi all, I hope that you will accept me in this thread, I have a neoniQ Android intelligent TV Box which is made by Geniatech and they have confirmed with me that it is the ATV1000 released for Australia.
I have a problem that I would appreciate help with, I am trying to Update the Firmware. Geniatech have given me a link for the download, and that I should download it to my PC, then copy to an SD Card then rename the download to

I should then disconnect the Power supply to the Box insert the SD Card, then press and keep the reset button pressed whilst connecting the power supply again to the box. This I have done numerous times, it scolls through the sequence and then the screen stops with the following error message :
Finding Update Package
Opening Update package
Verifying Update package
Failed to open / sdcard / (No such file or directory)
E: Signature verification failed
Finding update package
E: can't mount / dev / block / sda1 (or / dev / block / sda
(no such device)
E: can't mount UDISK :
system update aborted

If anyone can help, I would be very gratefull, the lady at support at Geniatech is very good, but has not come up with the answer yet, so I am hoping that someone with an ATV1000 has the solution. many thanks.

You don't need to do the power/reset button thing simply turning it on and having an SDCard with on it will cause it to flash the firmware.

Re-format your SDCard as FAT32 and copy the zip file over to it then try again or try downloading the firmwares updates that were posted on the first page of this thread and flashing those instead.

Post the link as well for what Geinatech gave for the firmware update as you cant download anything direct from their site anymore.
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