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Originally Posted by evolution3d View Post
If you upgrade now I would imagine WiMAX will be available to you until you can upgrade again. I would base your decision on how bad you think you need a new phone now and not worry about LTE yet.
LTE devices won't be available until the middle of next year. I suspect HTC's next phone in the EVO line will be Sprint's first LTE handset, much like the OG EVO was the first WiMax phone. If you can wait that long, go for it. However, Sprint also said they will support WiMax through 2013, so if you buy a WiMax phone now it will still be supported until your next upgrade (when you can pick up an LTE phone).

This is all very exciting, I really hope Sprint is able to keep with their aggressive schedule. Good to see so many big players in wireless on board with them.
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