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Thumbs up ***Official HTC Incredible Thread***

Note from forum Admin, please read first!
Phases: Go into this thread knowing how large it is. Know that it is not all completely on topic. The OP, Anonimac, will make a best effort attempt at keeping THIS top post as up to date as possible on current news on the device. You are welcome to post here or create a new thread with information you have. The new thread will be kept on topic. This thread is sort of a lounge-news type thing and off-topic talk is acceptable so long as THIS POST contains all the important information on the thread.

UPDATE: Fate of thread outlined here.

HAVE INFORMATION??? If you'd like to share some information with us anonymously please contact me directly at Any information shared will be kept in strict confidence and your identity protected.

(Personal request: lets keep the flaming low, collaboration high, attitudes checked at the door, and minds open!)

Continually updated spec's (incl. pics, user guide, equipment guide, etc...) can be found at:

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Some links:
HTC Incredible caught on video rocking Snapdragon, Android 2.1 with Sense UI, and Verizon bands -- Engadget
HTC Incredible Photos Leaked, Reveal Incredibly Brown Back Plate - Htc - Gizmodo
Exclusive HTC Incredible Photos (Update: Video)
HTC Incredible for Verizon captured on camera, sports Snapdragon, Android 2.1 with Sense UI [Video] - SlashGear
HTC Incredible shows its face, wearing Verizon stripes | Android Central
HTC Incredible: Verizon's New All-Touch Phone Runs Android 2.1
Verizon’s HTC Incredible Surfaces | The Unlockr

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