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Originally Posted by jimbo1mcm View Post
Many thanks to "Steven" for helping us keep hope alive but......has anyone ever seen "Steven"?. Remember "Surrogates" where the remote operator is running a robot device? Is Steven real? Or is this just coming from a surrogate operator in Samsung headquarters? Just kidding. Do I get suspended now?
I know Steven is real, but your questions are incomplete, honestly - nothing personal.

You may wish to ask Is Steven a real person? Yes. Yes, Steven is warm and wonderful and nice all-around, well-developed personality.

However, if you wished to ask, Is Steven human? Umm. OK. See, here's the thing - we don't discuss our AI projects much, but we do know that your favorite mod here, Steven, has a Topic Distortion Field and that it's based on alien technologies.

But I can assure you with certainty that Steven is autonomous. Mostly.

Hope this helps!
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