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Originally Posted by UBRocked View Post
Something big is coming? What would be big? Remember the teaser video?

There were two items shown to make each other better when combined. So what combinations would be BIG?

*Samsung + 4G? - Already been done.

*Samsung + new OS version? - Already been done with GB when they released the Nexus S. Sure, ICS is new but there will be a new OS every year. As much as I think ICS will be a big improvement... I don't think it is the BIG thing here?

*Nexus Device with ICS + 4G? Sure I guess, but is this a given for this device.

*True HD screen + 4G? This is a possibility but again...not BIG.

So what do I think??? This combination is something that would change the way we use our phones. What is the biggest complaint about Android smartphones? Battery life!

*ICS + New battery technology? Ooohhhh wouldn't that be big? Imagine if there was a solar screen that trickled power back into the battery or just minimized the drain the screen caused. 1000 mAh battery that could run for days...Epic!

I just think there is going to be something more than what we already "know" or have speculated about.

Just my 2 cents

My guess on this is: ICS + VZW 4G LTE

Edit: But that doesn't apply to other carriers, so never mind...I suck at speculating.
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