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Originally Posted by davew41 View Post
Give him time to make it.. these things do not happen overnight..
you can tear apart the one I made and modify it however you like
I'm sorry, I didn't think I had any tones of impatience in my post. I simply said it was sad. Sorry for the confusion. Besides, I assumed he made it for himself and shared it with others, and since he doesn't to the best of my knowledge have the Precedent, I don't expect him to make a ROM for it.

I could modify the hell out of an iPhone (Though I've been phoneless for the last few months, I might be out of practice/date), but SERIOUS modification of an Android ROM, to the point that I'd like to get it, is out of my reach, and in not owning an Android myself, I'm not going to learn on my mother's when I barely see her and can't give technical support when it breaks. I want to get all the things she won't use off, I want to get every minute of battery life I can while still having it obvious how to turn things on so they work, I want stability, etc... And since I don't yet have the knowledge to do that, I'd prefer to have a custom ROM to flash it with.

A separate subforum would at the very least avoid the issues I had initially for future owners of this device though. Weird conflicting information about what works and doesn't work for it, and all mixed in with the Prevail? Not good for beginners, no matter how technical minded they may be.
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