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Originally Posted by /dev/null View Post
We need the location of the Swype database. We ALL know how to select text and press the Swype button. It tells us that................

We are interested in the location of the Swype database in the FILESYSTEM. Not instructions on how to delete single words manually. Obviously, that is far too easy to achieve.

We need the location of the Swype database in the FILESYSTEM so that we may COPY the database, AUDIT the database, and REPLACE the database with the edited one. To everyone who does not understand this...reread it and let it absorb into your thick skulls. Then post a reply. Don't reply about my harshness. My harshness is due to the stupidity of people not answering OP's original question and instead offer useless information that is considered redundant by the OP.
Hi...Scudder here (aka "stupid")...was wondering what you would call a person who has only posted TWICE in these forum and who calls someone stupid after ignoring or not reading an actual answer to the question which, by the way, the OP finds satisfactory??

Question asked and answered. You want to talk about databases and filesystems ask a question here with some humility or create your own thread. Knock yourself out...

Or do what stupid (me) did...strip out your installed Swype and install the beta so you can do exactly what the OP was looking to do. You GOTTA be as smart as stupid (me) who was able to do that install the beta so you shouldn't need any help...
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