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Welcome to the AndroidForums, jeaniney25.

Keep in mind that there are finite resources on the awesome little computers we call smartphones. This is especially true of memory, which, of course, varies from device to device.

Most of your apps are stored on internal memory instead of the SD card. You can move apps to the SD card like El Presidente indicated.

Many of the apps that run on the internal memory also have cached data that is used to speed-up and enhance their operation. This cached data can usually be cleaned without ill-effect and can be done by going into Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> select the "All" tab and identify apps that show their usage in MB (megabytes). Your Browser app is a likely candidate for hogging a lot of cached memory. Just press the "Browser" entry and then press the "Clear cache" button on the detail screen.

Chances are, you'll be able to find some apps that are using a large amount of cache and allow you to install more apps (although limiting yourself to the apps that you only really use will help immensely).

Hope that helps.

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