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Originally Posted by Mykpfsu View Post
I have a worry about screen size. Look at the camera. Is it me or does it seem too big compared to the rest of the phone? Maybe I just can't find a N1 pic with good enough perspective but the camera on the incredible seems to take up more real estate and the pupil on the incredible seems bigger.

Camera lens/image sensor is bigger on the Incredible... Pupil on the camera looks bigger... Notice the dual LED flashes. If this thing has two flashes, compared to just one on the Nexus One, and the sensor looks bigger and the pupil on the optics for the camera look bigger. Well...that only leads me to one conclusion: 720p HD video. Think about it. Bigger back for a big battery, big image sensor. We know that the guys who got to hold the phone in that back room and who compared it to the Behold II, thought it was the same size screen, 3.7. So...if we can agree that the screen is 3.7" or AT LEAST 3.5" (which honestly is barely even noticeably smaller when comparing), which I'm sure we can, then why would the image sensor and the optics be bigger and why would their be two flashes? Because this camera is a better camera, and because it takes HD video. That's my guess.

Edit: Also, think about it. The Increcible is even further down the road in evolution than the Nexus One. The Incredible has an optical track pad, while the Nexus has the old traditional track ball. Right there is a perfect example. So, it would make sense that the Incredible will have newer technology in the camera department as well. This is my current thought on this. I'm not saying that the Nexus is old or that it's a bad phone, I'm just saying that there HAS to be some big differences in the Nexus and the Incredible in order for the Incredible to even remotely live up to it's name. If it was less of a phone or equal to the Nexus One, then calling it the HTC Incredible would be a joke and everyone would be laughing at them. "What's so 'incredible' about this phone? It's not even as advanced as the Nexus One." See what I mean?
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