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Originally Posted by XanThor View Post
Okay, got the 5 gems from the side dungeons, but have no clue who makes the +5 ring or where to go to make it.

Also, the dwarf side boss? Is it just a lot of monsters thru a bunch of cave rooms? Or is there a certain path to an end room?
There is a boss. All I can say is use the map button in the top right hand corner.

Secondly, if you're going to face the cave dungeon boss, go to Allein (sic) Town first and visit the Weapons Store. Buy three Amulets of the Soul (the game makes you buy them one at a time for some strange reason), keep the Assassin's Boots on one character through the dungeon so you don't have to keep wasting consumables/campsets, and take them off and put the amulets on before facing the "demon" or whatever. Remember to put them back on for the sky dungeon, as the enemies in there are actually tougher (not lethally so, in fact taking ten campsets up there makes for damned good leveling) and you'd be best to be able to avoid and/or force preemptive battles that way.

Once you get all the gems, however, the ring is made by going to Dwarven Village weapons shop. The same guy who makes the newer endgame weapons (the one on the right) makes the ring, you just have to scroll all the way down to the bottom, and have 50k gold ready.

Also, for others getting ready for the endgame dungeons - the underwater cave with the "treasure chest" boss? He's a real damned gem - someone mentioned "just keep damage/breaking" on him...he's really fond of these very annoying "Pandora" status attacks (yet also has an 'attack' that'll replenish all of your hp/mp as well, go figure). It's the cave that's *not* as obvious, and you'll know which it is when you see it. Be prepared for darkness, poison, confusion, and silence, as well as a really annoying mana drain. Save him for last and siphon an extra ten points from other places to stick in resistance.

Also, the dungeon with the "tank," you have to keep hitting him with physical attacks - magic does little to nothing, so just draft your main caster as a supporter/healer.

The dungeon with the "dragon" (not the sky dungeon whatever-the-hell-he-is thing - one of the underwater ones), I learned the dragon is *very* weak to poison. Not only will landing a poison attack stick easily (such as the one Kreis gets with the Assassin tablet that can paralyze as well), it takes off 5500 damage per tick. VERY worth having.
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