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Originally Posted by FeloniusMonkey View Post
Imperial Cavalier - 1200
Zealous Warrior - 1200
Assault Raider - 1200
Thief - 1000
High Mage - 1500
Holy Priest - 1200
Some of these I don't recognize (possibly because they're exclusive to characters I'm not using) and would love to know where to find them (if they can be). For instance, my "Lish" is maxed out, and High Mage sounds right up her alley.

Also, Doublestrike isn't 1000TP, it's 2000TP, and has no bonuses to it until you hit 2k (but is arguably worth it as it gives Dau two strikes in one turn for an MP penalty). It's found in a chest in the sky dungeon.

Also, I found Thief. It's in the first "ruins" right at the start of the game on the last level before the first "real" boss - I must have never gone down that hallway. I'm guessing most of the rest of the tablets I'm missing were something like that. The skill itself isn't that worthwhile when you compare it with "Assassin," but the master bonus is a passive "steal rare item" skill that will come in handy doing the endgame dungeons (random encounters in there have a chance of dropping the highest-grade ore).

ANOTHER TIP FOR NEW PLAYERS: When you start getting closer to the end (mainly once you get the airship), start visiting item shops again. Many will have tablets for sale that are very worth buying.
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