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Originally Posted by mthoren68 View Post
The thing that will decide Prime v. RAZR for me is battery life, period. For 99% of users, both will be fast enough, both will have good enough cameras for a phone, both will have good call quality, both will have tiny, little inconsequential quirks that don't matter in the big picture, both will have great screens with slight differences, but if either demonstrates a meaningful advantage in battery life, they gots my vote. I be wantin' to nots charge my phone any more than I have to. And I nots be wantin' to get an extended battery that makes my thin phone thick. I DEMAND a full day's moderate (not "Ooh I just gots my new phone so I be usin' the crap out of it!") LTE usage. Samsung? Moto? Which one of you is going to step up?
I agree mostly except for camera, OS, UI. Moto has yet to prove they can deliver decent phone camera. Prime will have faster android updates and it doesn't have heavy overlay UI like Blur.
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