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Originally Posted by inside source

*snip personal stuff, which I'll summarize at the bottom of this*

What you can tell the gang:
The idea I'm getting from official testers is that the screen and user experience is much better in the Nexus device, and the overall advantage is the presence of Ice Cream Sandwich (I've personally noted this to be true). But I've also been told by those who have tested it that the RAZR is very fast, smooth, and has a great battery life. The screen, although not quite up to Nexus, is a big improvement over the Bionic for those who didn't like it. Verizon is very, very excited for both devices. I don't get the feeling they're "siding" with one over the other, but I can tell you that they never had a lot of confidence in the Bionic having a lot of staying power. Their decision to release the Bionic as is was more of a contractual obligation than a real belief in the product. They are much more invested in the RAZR.

Okay, that's all I think I'm comfortable letting them know.

Oh, except that they will see something soon on when ICS and Nexus will be announced (it's not 10/27). FCC worries are a non-issue.

Thanks, Steve!
*Summarized personal stuff:

1) Source is amazed at how fast this thread is moving!
2) Source is not a beta tester but has handled the NP.
3) Source has not handled the Vigor or Razr, but speaks often with colleagues who have.

There you have it.


PS: Note to source. I want to thank you for trusting me/us with this. We won't let you down. We are truly grateful that you understand us and are with us in this. Simply put: YOU ROCK!!!
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