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Just beat the sky dungeon boss. (Note: this is the post-game boss, not the natural story arc one)

Hardest fight I've had in the game thus far. Took five attempts, and the fifth was only *barely* successful.


- Get the "absorbs light and darkness" armor for Kreis - the boss casts an AoE light-based spell, and every time it does he'll get healed.

- Have PLENTY of Potion of the Heavens, Spirit Potion of the Elves, and Soma ready. The latter two can be bought in the Elven Village item shop. You *will* need them. If you're short on PotH, you're going to have a harder fight, because you can't buy them anywhere. EDIT: Healing Wind helps as well - I didn't have Holy Priest on Lish the first time I fought this guy.

- Never let the health of any character dip below 1500 for any period of time, and invest *heavily* in magic defense - the light-based spell might heal Kreis, but another spell, "Judgment Nova" gets through just fine and will *wreck you.* If it doesn't, rest assured the following attacks from the boss will, and you can't "slow" him.

- The boss will resist all status effects and debuffs, and has a nasty mana drain attack - use your costliest and highest damage attacks when you can - do *not* use Dark Bolt (the boss' only weakness is Darkness), use Chaoticrazy. You want to get damage in while you can - don't waste opportunities to do damage, and waste your breaks on the first attack. I went Grand Cross/Calamity/Chaoticrazy for my opener using breaks - took about 10-15k of the 55k hp off immediately.

- Equip the Light Quartz on your healer - the light-based AoE spell is used very commonly. The Judgment Nova spell (no clue on its damage type - probably non-element) is "rare," but expect to be hit by it at least twice, and it is *guaranteed death* if your party is down a member or if all of them are around half health. It's a random-hit spell, but it has an obscene number of times that it hits (at least six), and it will do 500-600 per hit.

- One thing I *did not* notice during the entire fight was status effects. Some of its "specials" do have the added nuisance of dropping your resistances, etc. It also will surreptitiously cast a spell that will magnify its magic damage. so watch out for the "floating buff" messages hovering over it. This is the only time you should "waste" a damage opportunity to use a Purification Potion on it. Boosted magic damage on this boss is bad news.

Question: I just "audited" my characters' tablets and I don't see "High Mage," "Thief," or "Holy Priest" anywhere on the other characters - where do you pick these up?

Originally Posted by toddleigh View Post
With some work I can get the character to stand on the airship. They never "enter" the airship, though, and I can't fly the airship anywhere.
Entering the airship is a pain in the ass. You have to double-click on it to board and take off, and a lot of times you'll walk somewhere else. I've gotten into a habit when I need to hit up the Dwarven Village of just Quartzing to a more "open" village to make boarding the damned thing easier.

Wait until you have to land at the sky dungeon - there's only one small spot where you can.
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