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Originally Posted by Rotoban View Post
Do you know where you found the high mage tablet? I have looked for it but have not found it unless it is on one of the end game bosses.
I'm curious about this as well. It's not one of the tablets on the secondary characters, and I've run out of things for Lish to train. The only thing I can think of is that it's located in some secret passageway in a dungeon somewhere, and this being my third time through, I plan on combing all of them thoroughly.

It might also be a rare loot. All I know is I found "Thief" in the first "ruins" you encounter.

Only thing I can think of is that High Mage can only be stolen, so I'm taking to using Item Steal on every major boss this time through.

Important note: Save **OFTEN** upon subsequent play-throughs. My first time through, I never had a force-close. On my second and now third, they tend to happen with semi-annoying regularity, usually in dungeons. I think the game doesn't like you playing on "easy mode," or rather, having such high-grade gear might upset the dynamics.
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