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Default It's been about a yr and a half and I'm still lovin the Evo

I have found my self over the past few months really looking to upgrade to one of the new dual core phones that have come out lately and was really hopping the now iPhone 4S was going to have a larger screen.

But as I've looked into other phones I can't help but see no reason to upgrade. No doubt the dual cores are a nice upgrade, but I don't see the need or want to drop $200-$300 for what seems to be a marginal upgrade in my mind.

Am I the only one feeling this way?

My only problem right now is my phone is lacking serious internal memory and I keep getting the low storage message and Sprints network is really sucking right now both 3g and 4 g wise with spotty reception and I live right around 5 towers.

But other than that I still think the Evo compares very nicely to the other devices out right now. Hopefully come June when my sprint contract is up LTE will but up for Sprint and maybe 10 MP cameras will be out and 2.0 dual core phones will be ready Just hoping.

Sorry felt like sharing.
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