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I posted earlier - I bought the Replenish for my daughter because of the price, lack of data surcharge, and Android OS. She likes having a keyboard.

I'm on my third Android - just picked up a Photon and looooove it - and am now selling my beloved, rooted EVO. I won't give it to her...

Anyway, I think the Replenish appeals to basic users, not power users or folks who like to tinker...or maybe as a stepping stone to a more complicated Android. And I suspect that Little Darwin is right - the kind of users who buy the Replenish are not the ones who spend a lot of time on the forums researching how to root or otherwise dink around with their phones. That's my hunch anyway.

Replenish is great for my daughter, although I wish we could re-calibrate the screen. That's my only problem with it.
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