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Default The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet for Kemco's The Symphony of Eternity
by Felonius Monkey

I thoroughly loved this game. I highly recommend you pay for it (if you haven't already), and play it through before you have your way with it.
That being said, please use this guide at your own risk. I am not responsible for you fouling up your device, or making your game-playing experience any less enjoyable!
If any of the requirements or instructions below seem exceedingly foreign to you, then I'd recommend you read up a bit more on sites like Android Forums and XDA Developers, to learn what you need to know before proceeding.

- Purchase Kemco's The Symphony of Eternity for Android. It's a spectacular game, and well worth the money.
- A ROOTED Android device.
- ADB for Android, and knowledge of how to use it.
- A tool to edit the binary save file. I recommend XVI (

1. Retrieve your save file from your device. Do this by issuing the following DOS command:
adb.exe pull /data/data/kemco.wws.soe/files/save.dat ./save.dat
2. Back up your save file, just in case something goes wrong. Do this by issuing the following DOS command:
copy save.dat save.dat.bak
3. Open save.dat with XVI, and refer to the PDF file to make your changes. You'll get the hang of it after a little while. Things are relatively in the same places for each character. You'll start to notice patterns once you begin. You'll be able to tell where the character data is because it's pretty much the only readable text you'll see in the file.
4. When finished, push the save file to your device. Do this by issuing the following DOS command:
adb.exe push ./save.dat /data/data/kemco.wws.soe/files/save.dat
5. On your device, exit SoE (in case you already haven't) and MAKE SURE THE PROCESS IS COMPLETELY TERMINATED.
6. Start SoE, and load any of your modified save slots. If something looks awry, you can always go to your backup.

- Game is completed, and extra bosses are defeated.
- Characters are Level 70-ish.
- Lots of gold.
- There are a few new pieces of equipment, not attainable through the game.
- All items have been maxed out to 127.
- Each character has every kit maxed out-- even the ones they shouldn't. Though you won't ever see certain kits listed under certain characters, rest assured the skills and attributes ARE there.
- Much of the equipment is "enchanted" with extra merit points-- either 10 of each, or 20 of each.

- Characters are wearing equipment suited to best accomodate how they are usually grouped (i.e. Kreist, Dau, Lish; Sershka, Elestona; Rozeim, Ruland, Rednight). Within each of those three groupings, you'll find someone wearing "enchanted" Burglar's Shoes, and someone else wearing "enchanted" Assassin's Shoes.
- Same as SLOT 1, except with a new mission started.

Heed my warnings above! I only know from my own experience. Your save file may or may not have slightly different offsets than mine. Furthermore, I'm only human, and am prone to typos. Just please be careful, and don't bite off more than you can chew!
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