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Originally Posted by Dragon1 View Post
so it worked once for about 5 mins then it stoped working.
i can launch the app. turn on wifi tether, connect with my laptop and get a ip address, in the network. i can ping the Gateway. if i try to ping google, it gets a DNS lookup yet still 100% packet loss, no internet connection. this is on the sprint 3g network in metro Detroit area. is it the network? location? phone? or do i have to pay for it? i asked my sprint store and they said no its comes with the phone. maby the guy i talked to was a new hire....
wifi tethering (e.g. using the phone as a hotspot wirelessly) costs $29.99 per month extra...unless, you A) Root the phone and use an app that'll allow you to do wireless tether for free or B) Use PDANet or EasyTether for a wired tether.

So, unless you are paying the $29.99 or rooted to be able to connect using a secondary app, you can't use the hotspot function.
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