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Originally Posted by scudder View Post
As you are probably aware, K9 does not have a PUSH function where, as soon as your server gets mail, it is pushed to your device with a resultant alert. So, you have to set a time interval for K9 to check your account(s).

It is a little confusing trying to find where to set this interval because (1) that are a TON of settings and (2) it is called "poll frequency" in the settings rather than something more intuitive like "check mail" or something like that.

You must set the "poll frequency" for EACH of your accounts...there is NO global setting (as far as I know of) for all accounts. Anyway, for EACH account you have do the following:

1. Go to the inbox of any folder view for the account you wish to set the frequency to check mail

2. Go to Menu -> More -> Settings -> Account Settings -> Fetching Mail (I told you there were a TON of settings to weed through!!)

3. Next choose "Folder poll frequency" and choose how often you want your mail for this account to be checked.

4. If you have other accounts, follow the above steps for your other account(s)

NOTE: It has been suggested that you NOT choose too frequent an interval (e.g., 1 minute or 5 minutes) because it will affect your battery life if it is VERY frequently checking/polling your mail. What I have done is set a reasonable interval of 2 hours for polling my accounts but at ANY TIME I can launch K9 and choose "Check Mail" to instantly poll ALL your email accounts and get your mail.

Hope this helps!
THanks, I don't ever think I would have figured this out.
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