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Originally Posted by SpCowboy2842 View Post
Yes, while Rom Manager may be a good app for SUPPORTED phones, for the Prevail for the time being it is not. I myself in the begining checked it out and realized that most of the selling points of the app wouldn't work with our phones. Honestly, anytime a phone gets bricked, isn't it for the most part usually "user error" though? Lol
99.999% of the time its user error lol

Originally Posted by Necrotoxin View Post
I agree it's usually user error and the point in this thread is to avoid that. No offense to anyone but if a user can't tell what not to do and can't read warnings like these them they shouldn't be using apps such as rom manager.

I've never personally used it but I'm sure it is a good program. I'm not blaming it for peoples problems but extreme caution should be used when using an app that doesn't support your device especially one that makes changes at a root/system level.
I agree, but it should explain why not to use, just not do not use as it will brick your phone. And that topic title will still be there long after, CWM is aviailable officially. I had this same debate in the Optimus M section and ppl saying RM and my CWM port would brick their phone.
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