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Well there are a few musical genres I listen to. Female vocals are preferred in most cases but male voices are not excluded. Any language is fine. If not understood, the voice becomes another instrument. So here we go: <3 symphonic metal / rock, various other metal, all forms of goth, industrial, techno, other electronic music, trance, punk, post punk, no wave, new wave, classical, <3 medieval and Celtic and Irish, country, bluegrass, Caribbean, reggae, Afro pop, traditional Chinese and Thai, South American, other world music, new age (a hated tag), some pop but female vocals are mandatory (luv Laura Branigan and not very poppy Polly Scattergood), individual instruments in various styles - harp, piano, <3 flute and violin, percussion (xylophones, marimbas, drums, etc.), guitars, <3 cellos and Irish bagpipes and hammered dulcimers, oboes, some classic rock but I'm kinda tired of it since bands like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc. were new bands when I first heard them, a lot of indie / alternative from the '80s and '90s and some from this century. Have CDs, cassette tapes, and LPs of all the above.

Take away the music, better put me in a padded cell. was the first app installed on the Esteem. And thanks to I've developed a fondness for various genres of music by Russian artists.
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