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Default Same battery problem after latest update

OK -- so I'm getting into this one a little late .... but I am seeing same issue. Installed update last night, put on charger overnight, when I picked up phone this morning it was warm, and 3 hours later had consumed 70% of battery, with only about 5 minutes of use.

I then did a battery pull (which I had NOT done after the update install), and battery use went back to what I see as normal -about 5% per hour, or 20 hour max life. No other changes.

I have Widget Locker installed -- have not removed it -- but battery life seems back to what is normal for my phone. (Although I will say there is no way I would ever get 2 or 3 days).

My wife's phone evidently got the update on its own previously (neither she or I installed the update but the version shows it's the latest) -- no battery life problems noted. Not sure when the update happened, but the dropped call issue she has been experiencing over the last couple of weeks seem to be gone now.

These are great phones when they work right -- but lots of little bugs that aren't worked out yet .......
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