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Originally Posted by Rotoban View Post
The Holy Priest tablet is located

I can't believe I missed this. It finally gives Lish the more powerful healing spells that were "missing" before. Wanna know how difficult it is to play the endgame *without* an AOE heal and with just the standard heal/revive spells?

More detailed directions:

1. Following Rednight battle, if you don't already have Sacred Fencer, take the branch off *on that level* before descending to the next level.
2. The level beneath the Rednight fight is set up like a crooked "plus sign."
3. Take the leftmost branch of this "plus sign" and descend.
4. The room will look like another room of the dungeon and have a lot of rock columns in it. The chest is at the absolute "bottom" of the room.

I can't believe I missed it twice through now. =/

For those who don't have it, the tablet has:

High Heal - 200 - More powerful Heal spell.
Healing Wind - 500 - AOE Heal.
Reinforce (Stance) - 600 - converts HP to MP a little each turn.
High Revive - 800 - More powerful Revive spell.
Invincible Strength - 1000 - Causes break gauge to rise dramatically when near death.
Holy Reverence - 1200 - Master spell, Divine Ray on steroids.
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