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Originally Posted by n4zty View Post
this works 100% flawlessly i updated just for kicks few days ago and here in tampa i get 3g when i turn off my 4g. speeds are capped at around 200 kb/s so if any1 is expecting somthing more sorry to burst ur bubble... anyways i got a kind of out of category question see before i had my indulge i had the samsung code and im pretty sure that phone has evdo compatbilities so my question is could i update the prl on that phone and get 3g on it? since its no longer mine and i wanted to do it for my friend that would be cool.

Originally Posted by tiede View Post
All 3g capable metro phones can use those steps to enable 3g, yes.
It's all about getting the prl on your phone. Once that's done, you're all set.
Originally Posted by n4zty View Post
regarding all phones that can handle 3g i know that but im assuming i have to change some settings to upload new prl file? well i suppose best way to find out is to do it myself and find out.
Originally Posted by tiede View Post
It's not about settings on the phone. It's about making sure you have the right program to update the prl. QPST is for qualcomm devices. So if your phone has a duffrent chipset, the corresponding program may change, that's all.
Originally Posted by n4zty View Post
on the indulge we had to change one setting but either ill try it out.
Originally Posted by tiede View Post
Hmm... Quick off-topic question here...
Is there a way to update a Non-Android phone's PRL that somebody knows of?
Say, for example, that somebody has an LG Imprint, or a MessagerII, or even a Kyocera Domino. Is there a way for those phones' PRLs to be updated too?
GASP members might like to know this stuff!!!
Okay, I invented GASP... It's Grandmas Against Smart Phones, but hey, they might still want to upgrade their "feature" phones...
geeze tiede u gotta read slower next time b4 u answer questions lol that was my question to you earlier and you said yea with the samsung code which isnt an android phone but has windows mobile 6.1 i believe....... lol epic
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