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Originally Posted by huskerkate View Post
i've been saying for months that i was going to wait for both the Spyder and Nexus to come out before picking one. today's unveiling was pretty impressive - the RAZR is going to be a big seller, and deservedly so.

that being said, the RAZR has slipped solidly into second place for me, barring any major disappointments in the unveiling of the GNex. it is a very sexy looking device, and has specs to back it up. but, the locked BL is a big deal to me. i understand why it's locked, since Moto/VZW appear to be heavily targeting the business customers with the RAZR, with all of the security and encryption features. if they want to continue marketing this as a safe and secure device for business use, i don't think they can allow the BL to be unlocked.

the second knock on the RAZR is less important, but still a knock - no NFC chip. i think in the next 2 years, this is going to be a big deal, and i don't want to have a device that doesn't support it.

the third drawback is no ICS. of course, i fully expect the RAZR to get ICS. but, given all of the new software that the RAZR has, integrating all of that into ICS will take some time.

in the end, for me, the GNex is looking like the better choice: unlocked BL (most likely), equal (if not slightly better) specs, ICS, NFC, a dev'r community just drooling over the chance to hack at it, etc. so, unless something bizarre happens, i'm probably looking at the Nexus.
That was a great analysis Kate, snd I agree on all points. I'll add that RAZR is equally pleasing in the form factor as Galaxy Nexus.

The non-removable battery in RAZR is also a bummer. Now if it can truly run 12 hours with moderate to heavy usage, well...maybe not so bad. But for me, if you can't change batteries, that thing better run from 7am to 11pm and that will never happen with Android and my usage.
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