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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
Battery pull is also known as a "soft reset." When you take the battery out for 60 seconds and then put it back in, it's supposed to help with any "cached" errors that might have been stored on the phone.

Thing is, I spoke to a Sprint rep one time and apparently, they also do something on their end whenever doing a "soft reset." I'm not exactly sure what that is, but wanted to mention in case a soft reset by the user doesn't help.

Here is something for you on a battery pull....

Did one today (1st since update) but it back in loaded it up....signal and 3g ARE JACKED UP!!!

I get full bars up stairs and for sure outside, i had 1..... for a long while to, did a speed test 100kb

Did a prl update and profile.....drove around for a while, had work and what not....

well right now at the desk i am back to full bars oh well still 120kb

hummmmmmmmm wonder what the crap is going on around here

anyway, as much as sprint has been ok for me, i may be done...the local store is having huge turnover I dont know anyone there, and when i stopped in today to say hey and look around again....had to pee and they treated me like a criminal for wanting to go into the back to pee (which i have done TONS) Point is I been with them 10 yrs had a great relationship with the store personal, and now its gone to when i was with tmobile/voicestream

And i am the kinda person that when i got 7 lines and 10 yrs, i want a little "extra" personal support.... not your gonna jack our stuff taking a leak
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