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Originally Posted by freedom_af View Post
Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the tips. I've beaten the game once, and I'm going through trying to finish all 7 side missions.
I've completed The Heavens' Cavern, and The Hollow of the Earth-depths.
(3) Seabed Caves,
(1) Ice Cave.

However, I can't find the location of the final cave to get the Sapphire jewel.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Symphony of Eternity (Android's Final Fantasy) (click this link for a picture of where you need to go - don't forget to thank FeloniusMonkey as well - the "boss" is in the trees, just walk into them)

You haven't killed the "flower" boss yet. Buy ~25 Strong Weedkiller in the item shop in Allein Town and use it on the boss. It takes about five rounds' worth to kill the boss, much less if you use a Break option. Don't fight the boss any other way - it heals *way* more hp than your characters can naturally dish out in a turn, and the weedkiller does a natural 25k damage per hit, which is more than you can deal per character even with breaks and crits.
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