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Originally Posted by kr0nz View Post
Hey guys I experienced the same problem on my x10 not charging.
I first thought it was a battery problem because my x10 would turn on when I pluged in the charger, but then realized (after wiggling the wire) it was just the usb port that was loose, I have had 3 x10's with this exact same issue so it is most definitely a manufacturing issue.

But anyways after the third time it happened I decided to just deal with it, my solution was when you plug the charger in, gently pull the cord forward and slightly up it will start to charge, then just gently put the phone down, I usally lean it against something like a remote or side of the couch so it is pushing against the usb plug.

I've been using this method now for about 8 months

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I would suggest just getting a stationary standalone charger and an extra battery.

Then you don't have to mess with the USB port....because if you damage it, you won't be able to update.

If I knew my port was already slightly damaged, I would try and prevent from using that port as much as I can....because if it ever does fully break....then you are stuck.

Just something to think about.

And if you guys think it is just the x10.....I work on laptops doing repairs and I would say that at least a 1/4 of all laptops have this problem. If the laptop doesn't overheat and kill the graphics card or processor and the harddrive doesn't die....most of the time, the problem is the charging port.

People are rough with the port. I have 2 broken laptops, one broken and two broken MP3 players that have port issues. Laptops, the AC power, and MP3 players are USB and AC power port.

The port should have been more reinforced and should have been more solid to help prevent issues, but I find the blame is on the owner, not the phone.
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