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Originally Posted by bjumpsnota View Post
This worked great and didn't take much time at all. Thanks a lot for the link. Everything seems to be running smoothly except I can't send picture messages. I seem to recall having this problem when I first got the phone but I don't remember what the fix was. Any suggestions?
it could be the tmobile network or something because last night (when i was on 2.2.1) i sent a slideshow of about 5 pics to a friend whom i usually send pics too and they never frickin went, even today they still never left my phone. usually i dont have a problem. so it cant be the version of the android, it's frickin tmobile being a butthole. lol

ANYWAY, i just finally downloaded the file to my phone, used ASTRO FILE to find the file, moved it to /sdcard (the file was on the card but in "download" for those looking for it). i moved it to /sdcard as i just said, then followed the instructions and everything is running fine. it took awhile to load back up after it updated and tells you to reboot, so be patient.

i remember people saying that "image file not found" messages. it'll say this but read every line. the last one tells you it found it and is updating, so look close before you cuss it out and get paranoid and shiet. lol do what you're told and it does indeed work.

im now running android 2.3.4. THANK YOU A LOT (OP) !!
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