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Originally Posted by ajh94 View Post
yeah i think the s2 is the best, but for how long is the question, its been out 6 months. it happened last year. i got the best phone at the time (the HTC Desire) when it had been out 6 months, and very quickly better phones came along. I just wanna try and avoid that happening again, something tells me its best to buy when released and not wait 6 moths :/ but i dont know

But its always gonna be like that as soon as you get one(even on release), something else maybe better will pop up would pop up.

Put it this way you get a Nexus find a bug or something you dont like, it could take a few months before someone finds a fix or app to make it better. Whereas Right here and now look at all the Roms etc out for the S2 for you to play with. And if you did get an S3 in a years time, think about all what you would of learned on the S2 to take forward
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