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Originally Posted by Garry View Post
Thanks negreenfield

I think there are two different ways of thinking about password managers. There are many, and they seem to be the majority, that use them as an easy way to login to lots of web sites. For these people it is important that the manager syncs well because the passwords need to be on all the devices they may access the site from.

I use a password manager to store anything that is secret that I am likely to forget. eg combination locks, codes to identify me on the phone (eg phone banking), computer logins for different computers and different people I help, WEP passwords, domain keys, my wife's age and website logins. For this use I need it on something that is always with me and the only option is my phone.

These two options aren't mutually exclusive of course.

keePass looks like a good option. I will evaluate it for Android soon (Thanks to Brian Pellin for doing the port) and add it to the summary.

All the best

Good point. I pretty much only use KeePass for logging into my financial institutions as security is of utmost importance, and I only do this from my laptop or desktop. I've never considered having any complicated passwords for other sites.
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