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Originally Posted by milkfilk View Post
I was able to compile libgsm in a few different ways. I have a .a file from XCode generated as well as regular old bin/ lib/ files from the Makefile. I don't necessarily want to do a make install. How do I tell ./configure to look at the built gsm directory? I've tried every ./configure option I can think of, even truss'ing and trying to trace system calls for where the heck it thinks -lgsm is coming from.
AFAIK you can't link libraries built with gcc into a shared lib with the bionic C compiler (which is what the android NDK is using). You really don't have to either, because I managed to compile both libspeex and libgsm with the android-ndk.

Latest revision in the mangler repositories, android branch (r602) now builds with libventrilo3 trunk. If you have succesfully set up the android-ndk, you can compile the library with something similar to:
make APP=mangler LIBPATH=~/mangler/trunk/libventrilo3
Make sure to specify a correct path to libventrilo3 (you'll want latest trunk) and make sure your working directory is that of the NDK.

This project is definitely not dead, but I am merely a C programmer with hardly any Java/AndroidSDK experience. I would welcome anyone to hop along and get this thing done. (Mangler Forums | Mangler on Android)
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