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Originally Posted by webguy82 View Post
It has been done. I have tested and it works.

http :// forum.xda-developers .com/ showthread.php?t=1138524&page=9

Download Link: http :// forum.xda-developers .com/ showpost.php?p=18708050&postcount=90

sorry about the spaces (so be sure to remove them), this is my first post.
This is fantastic news! I have had this phone since June... It's my first Android, and I have no idea how to root. I've read everything on the links you have provided and I find myself needing a little more direction. I'm not computer illiterate, but I am not a Linux user, and I've not rooted a phone before. Would you be willing to help out a relative newb with several questions?

1) I know I need to connect my phone to my computer (Win Vista) somehow. But other than connecting the USB cable, what do I need to install to the computer? I have installed Samsung Kies, but I don't think that's what is needed. So, what is needed?

2) Once I'm connected, and I've downloaded the zergRush file to my computer, what do I do? It's just a file with no extension.

3) Someone posted the following instructions, but I think something's missing... here's the instructions and then I'll ask my questions:

1) Put a fresh (just formatted with no data on it) SD Card into your phone (this helps with some roots, not all, but better safe than sorry)
2) On your phone, goto settings -> applications -> development and check "USB debugging"
3) Plug your phone into your computer
4) Download zergRush
5) unzip zergRush
6) navigate to android sdk (varies from computer to computer, my (win7) install location was c:\Android-SDK-x86 (or something like that)
7) (If you've already downloaded all the sdk tools, you don't need this one) Download and install any missing sdk tools (i.e. adb) (i just selected most of the and let my computer sit overnight to install everything)
8) run command prompt (in windows 7, press windows flag + r to open up the run command, then type cmd, hit enter)
9) Navigate to the "platform-tools" folder inside of your android-sdk folder
10) type in "adb push C:\[location of zergRush]\zergRush /data/local"
11) type in "adb shell"
12) type in chmod 755 /data/local/zergRush
13) type in "/data/local/zergRush"
14) Good luck, it works on some phones, but not others!

Q1) In Step 1, if I only have the one SD Card, can I copy the data from it to a safe place on my computer, do all these steps, then when done, copy the data back to it? Or is that necessary? All my programs, pictures, etc are on that card. So...???

Q2) Step 3... here's where I'm questioning... what is going to recognize my phone on my computer?

Q3) Step 6... navigate to Android SDK? What?

Q4) Step 7... download what? from where? why?

Q5) Step 10 on... OK, I get this is where I am putting zergRush on my phone, but these instructions have stopped at the most important part. How do I achieve a permanent root? How do I install or push superuser or su? Where do I get these?

Q6) Lastly... presuming I successfully get permanent root and superuser on my Exhibit 4g (sgh-t759), what programs do I now have access to that are considered the real 'necessities'? I do not wish to change my ROM, I just want control over underclocking my phone, turning off 4g when phone not in use, etc.
I'm sorry for being a complete newb here... but I'm just not getting it.

Please help someone who really wants to learn.

Thank you so very, very much.

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