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Originally Posted by Droidtothemax View Post
The Amaze looks nice, almost reminds me of a better spec'd mytouch phone though. I personally want the Galaxy Nexus, which is Vanilla Andriod, which is my favorite! Cant wait for that one.

Man, so glad I have yet to run into any of these issues. *Knocks on wood right quick!* No offense either as I know what it is like to deal with a crap phone.....insert phone I was talking about with AMD.
The new Galaxy Nexus with ICS looks really sweet. Guess I should say that I would love one of those as well. But don't know if T-Mobile is going to offer it. And, I'm only about 2 months into a 2yr contract so I'm pretty much locked into this phone until I qualify for an upgrade. Other than selling it outright and making up the difference myself. That would still be quite a bit of cash I would need to come up with for either of those phones.

So far I have had zero problems with my phone. Like I said above, I've only had it for around 2 months. So we'll see. Course if something did go bad with my phone, it might make me want to save up for the Amaze or the Galaxy Nexus if T-Mobile offers it. I read someplace that they were signed up for it.
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