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Originally Posted by quixotic1 View Post
Wow... Thanks so much for the quick and complete reply, @webguy82. I really appreciate it!

Yes, I'm on Win-Vista, and yes I have WinRAR and WinZip - no problem there. I did see that "newb" rar-rollup that said it did all the 'stuff' for you (the one to which you linked in your reply). I generally avoid running things that say they 'do it for you' (especially from something downloaded from who-knows-where by who-knows-whom)... but perhaps in this case, I'm just too new to the scene to do this on my own. I'll spend a little time going through the bat file, just to see what it's all doing for me - hopefully start to get myself learning more about this stuff. It's also nice to know that someone else has used the rollup, and that it worked. That gives me a little more confidence in using it.

Of course, the most important piece of info you gave me was the samsung driver file. I think I had the "tether" file downloaded some months back... but, never really needing to use tether, so I never bothered with installing it. And I'd never guess that was the file I needed.

I have installed Samsung Kies, but haven't found much, if any, use for it. Does installing Kies install the necessary driver? Or should I go ahead and just install the drivers you linked from the Samsung site in your reply anyway?

Lastly, do I presume correctly that I will need set my phone to USB Debugging before running the batch file?

And, should I use a formatted SD card? Or is it safe to just use the one I've been using, with all my apps and photos etc already on it (perhaps after making a safety backup of it)?

Thanks again so much for your help. I'm very grateful!

I would recommend that you install the drivers that I posted in my original post. Those are specific for this phone and android debugging.

Since my Exhibit 4g isn't my primary phone I had no issue trying this out. If it broke, oh well. But everything worked swimmingly. I didn't format my sd card, I had photos, apps, texts still on my phone when I ran this tool. And when it finished everything was still there. I did have to have my phone set to debugging mode and I just plugged my phone into my computer and ran the tool.

This pretty much looks for the exploit on the phone to be able to push the busybox and superuser app on there. If you read through the batch file, it's pretty much just running those same adb commands that the original post says to do.

This root method works. I've been running it for a few days now and I haven't had any issues.
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