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Originally Posted by stasik View Post
anyways, on the bright side, i connected via usb my external HDD and wanted to test the best video i have. i have 1080p with lots of kb/s, around 15000 kb/s (audio + video) or more. the movie is 20 gb in size, mkv (h264 + dts). to my surprised, the only player that played the file was the default one. the rest (rockplayer, vplayer, diceplayer) give errors or could not play. but the default one played no problem. superb quality, quick search, video and audio in sync. all in all, its a very good media player.
there are issues with web browser and other pieces, but i am really happy with the media support, as this is the main purpose for me. and because its constantly updated, i am sure most formats will be supported.
as nor NAS, all forums are complaining about that. so far only audio can be streamed from samba. i think it will take some time for video streaming, especially for 720/1080
This is because the Amlogic supplied video player has hardware acceleration enabled, the other players on the Android market don't so fall back to the CPU which isn't strong enough to decode video on it's own.

The other players on the Android market would have to add support for Amlogic chipsets to enable hardware decoding.

P.S. thanks for the beta 2.3 firmware kgdteam, it runs very well but a bit buggy in the marketplace.

Kgdteam if you have contacts within Geniatech/MyGica see if you can get them to update their media player to support DLNA servers or SMB file servers.

And this one is pretty far out but if you could get them to help port GeeXbox to Amlogic players interest in their players would sky rocket within the XBMC community as these players are almost perfect for XBMC.
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