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Originally Posted by b_randon14 View Post
This thread is for bKernel which will be featured in bROM for the Motorol Triumph. This kernel is still in the development stage(hence the DEV tag) and I do not have a release version yet. That being said I will provide you my github address to the repo for this kernel so you can watch and see the changes being made.

Credit goes to shane87(my brother). He is the one who got this build going, and without him I would not be building a kernel. He has taught me everything I know about linux and helped greatly with everything Android I have ever done

Credit also goes to pwnyourace, Napsta, DooMLoRD, and FXP for getting the overclock patch working on these phones, as well as the VDD voltage control.

Kernel Features(Bold indicated working features in my dev test versions):

  • OC/UC from 122MHz, to 2016GHz, with lots of frequencies in between.
  • Undervolt support for all frequencies(Working but me and my brother need to tweak it to get it to work with his Control Freak app we will be using along with this kernel)
  • Sio and v(r) I/O schedulers, with v(r) set to default. No-op and ondemand are alos included
  • Interactive, interactiveX(Default for now), smartass, smartassv2, smoothass, minmax(not working at the moment), lagfree(forgot to add on the last test build), SavagedZen, performance, and ondemand govenors. Removed conservative, powersave and userspace
  • Ext2 and ext4 support
  • Mounting of ext4 in the init.rc(will require me to format the partitions to ext4 through the updater script in my ROM)
  • ISO and UDF cd-rom filesystems supported
  • NTFS filesystem read and write support
  • Disabled kernel debugging
  • Swap support
  • Zram(a better compcache) will hopefully be implemented if we can get the modules to build right.
  • Applying LMK(Low memory killer) settings in the init.rc through a configurable ram.conf file.
  • My brothers Memory Freak app configured to work on our phones to control the memory settings(Zram and LMK settings)
  • My brothers Control Freak app configured to work on our phones to control the OC/UC and Undervolt settings, as well as the governors and I/O schedulers(I think it supports changing the I/O scheduler anyways!)
  • As many tweaks and optimizations I can cram into this kernel!
Here is the link to my github repository:

Feel free to follow me on that repo to see what changes we add to it. And I will post any public test versions here on this thread!

Feel free to donate to me and my brother if you like our work!(He needs and deserves it more than me!!!) You can donate to me here on my signature, and to donate to shane87 go to XDA and find a post by him and he has a donate to me button under his name!!
Will it work with Cyanogen? this might be a dumb question...
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