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I'm definitely a newb with rooting an Android phone, myself. To be honest, though, I think that webguy82, in conjunction with his links to the downloads and his explanations, along with the explanations at the site which hosts those downloads, and his answers to my follow-up questions, does a spectacular job of simplifying all this rooting 'stuff' to laymans terms - or as close as one can get with this sort of thing.

I didn't get a chance to root my phone today using this zergRush method - my day just got away from me. But, I will try to do it tomorrow (Friday).... and if not then, then by the end of the weekend. As I go through every step that I do, I will create a step by step for you (for everyone). I used to do some simple technical writing and software manual writing and editing (some years ago now) - but I think I can produce a step by step for you that should be about as newbie-proof as possible. Assuming, that is, that it all actually works for me... If I fail, there's no point in trying to write it up, you know?

But, I'm pretty convinced that it will work. From the confidence webguy82 has given me, and the extensive reading on the xda developers site where all webguy82's links go to, I'm pretty confident that I have at least a cursory understanding of what is occurring, how to do it, and therefore, how to describe it without it getting too difficult to understand.

I will not make a video. I've never done that, and I just dont have the patience for it. If I can, however, I'll make screen shots for you at critical steps.

But, this is gonna take some time. And it isn't my number one item on my list of things to do. I will try to successfully get root before the end of the weekend at the latest... but it could take several more days to clean up a good faq for you. Considering many of us have been waiting since June or July for root on this phone, I think we can all wait a few more days, right?

And, if you manage to get root on your own before I get it written up... or if someone else decides to take on the task, please post here about it, so that I don't waste my time creating a clean, edited, and documented how-to. I don't have the physical ability to waste my efforts like that. (I'm disabled, and have only a short time I can spend at the computer on any given day.) But, I'm willing to do my fair share of helping, as others have done more than theirs to help me.


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