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Originally Posted by tommahhh View Post
Sorry, I've only just finished the northern cave but I'm missing weapon #10. Any ideas where I can find this?

Also, and this is a pretty n00b question, but what's a good strategy for using all my sands and the crystals? I've only upgraded Effat, Harty, Viper's main skills, but i'm sort of afraid of wasting the crystals on lesser skills. Also, what's a good use of my diffuse crystals and duplicate crystals?

Much appreciated!
Weapon #10 is dropped from the Horror boxes (monster #13). Is one of two rare drops so good luck with that.

As far as skills, I sort of cruised through a majority of the game on Effat's explosive strike tbh. Takes a lot but if you're willing to grind near the restore points, bonus. Besides, if you wait till after you beat the game you'll have a much easier time with upgrading skills. The diffuse/duplicate I really only found useful to fill in the extra boxes on the skill history list.
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