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Default CyanogenMod 7 Unofficial Beta 5 02/20/12




Unlike my Odin and CWM Port this project was a team effort, I wanted and tried to do it by myself, but I could not, it was too much for me.

Some new Friends I have made.

Psyke83 I used his source code for the Galaxy 5 and modified it to work for the Prevail. Psyke also spent many hours helping me fix problems, getting drivers working, teaching me how to use Github, Linux commands,and other useful things. Psyke you are awesome, I would not have even started this project if you did not tell me that a new kernel was not needed, I am glad to have you as a friend.

Koumajutsu Thank you so much for making the new WiFi driver, it simplified trouble shooting WiFi dramatically, and thank you for all the help on this project, I am so glad you joined the team.

PlayfulGod Thank you for all the helpful advice you have given me, you are a great asset to the Android community.

Some old Friends, that you all should know very well already for their contributions to the Android and Prevail community

Bloodawn, Inigomontoyasr, Interdpth, Murderousone, New Optimus, and Shabbypenguin
Thank you guys for coming in on this project and helping me out. I look forward to working with you again on other projects.

Blue2107 I am sorry I forgot to ask you to join the team, I know that you would have been able to help, I appreciate all the cool themes you have made.

I would also like to extend a thanks to the makers of CyanogenMod, and ClockWorkMod, all I can say is you people make awesome software.

There are a lot of people to be thankful to like koush, udK, motofoca, MadTeam, ACS, Android Forums, the people at Samsung, Google, Linux Devs, I know I am missing a lot of people and I apologize for that.

This is an unofficial CyanogenMod port, that means the people at the CyanogenMod web site will not support it. There is a process people need to go threw to get their CyanogenMod port supported by them, and I will look into that, but I have to say I do not think it will happen, I had to modify one of the CM source files to fix the MEID issue, and I think that invalidates this port for inclusion into their repository. I would also like to mention that I have removed the Rom Manager app that comes with CyanogenMod on purpose, it is an excellent app, but our phone is not supported by it and you can brick your phone if you try to flash nand updates with it on the Prevail.

This is a beta release, NOT a beta release of the CyanogenMod code, but a beta release of my code I created to make the port work with all the hardware and such, I know that sounds confusing and I apologize, bottom line is it is CyanogenMod 7.1.0 code and Hroak Beta code that can be found here. Maybe someone can suggest some better versioning methods.

The purpose of this thread will be to help people get this installed if they need it, reporting bugs, and methods of fixing these bugs.


Please do not make requests to add third party software to the ROM. Even if it is free software, every time some one downloads someones apps from the market, it increases their stats and truly shows how popular their software is, it would not be fair for me to distribute their software in this ROM.

If you do not take the time to read and learn how to install this, and how to fix issues with it, then I will not take the time to try and help you. This thread may grow very large so I will put updates in the first four posts of this thread, so please check the first four posts before you ask any questions. I will ignore any questions that can be answered by reading the first 4 post of this thread.

The 4 post will be structured as follows.

1. Release information and Credits
2. Things to Avoid, Known Issues, Installation Instructions
3. Change Log, ROM Download Links, Hot Fix downloads and instructions, Other Downloads
4. Reserved
If I have helped you, and you like my work, please click on the Thanks Button and give my thread a rating by clicking on the stars above.

If you would like to buy me a beer cofee, you can click on the PayPal button

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