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Originally Posted by Hoos View Post
I've begun having losing battery a lot more quickly in the past week. Up until about October 19, I could get through a 12-hour work day with 50% battery left.

Now, with the same usage, I'm seeing 50% left about 8 hours into the day. System settings haven't changed any - brightness, battery usage, network preferences, etc.

It wasn't a problem the first week or so after the update, I haven't installed any new apps, and I've never used WidgetLocker on this phone.

So, I figure maybe the battery is going bad, so ordered a new one from Seidio. Hopefully, that's all it is. I'll probably do a complete wipe/reinstall of the phone with the new battery.
Two things:

1. Your phone and battery are still under warranty... If the battery is going bad, Sprint/Motorola will replace it. They might even let you keep yours if you ask really nicely

2. I think there's a problem with the current (198_6) build. If you're the adventurous type, you can install 198_7 from xda developers, which really improved my battery life. I started a thread about it a few days ago.
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