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Originally Posted by substring View Post
The Fascinate is a great phone and I never have any issue with it. Of course, it can last a few more years if I want to. This is the same thing as car. After you pay off your car, if it is properly maintained, it will last a few more years...easily over 150,000 miles. But the problem is not because the car is failing you but people tend to like new thing. That's why we buy new car and we buy new clothes, and not to wear the same clothes for the last 5 years.

As much as I love my Fascinate, I am considering to upgrade to Galaxy Nexus.

Exactly, and with official support from CyanogenMod, the Fascinate will be good to go for a while longer.

I agree with you, if I were to upgrade, it would be for a Nexus device. The thought of getting updates direct from Google is infinitely more appealing than languishing further under Verizon's policy of apathy and negligence when it comes to maintaining devices that aren't brand spanking new.
I hate Samsung and Verizon...
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