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Originally Posted by J0HN View Post
Could someone kindly explain what an SMS program does? OK it sends and receives texts, but what else is there to do? Are there any privacy settings? I tried a program that hides texts from up to five numbers, which worked great until one of them sent me an MMS, which appeared in the normal way. Not much privacy there...
I have of course set up a password so nobody can do anything on my phone, but there are occasions when I'd like to let someone (OK my wife!) use it to make a call without worrying about private texts coming through while she has it.
I do that too, don't always want the wife seeing all of my texts.

Get GoSMS Pro (free). It has a privacy box. Any contact that you set to have the messages go there you have to have your pin number to read them. When you get a message from those contacts the text also does not show in the default SMS app. You can change the notifications for those contacts also (mine makes no sound, has a different icon, no pop up, and says it is another apps error message )
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