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Originally Posted by amdviper View Post
The new Galaxy Nexus with ICS looks really sweet. Guess I should say that I would love one of those as well. But don't know if T-Mobile is going to offer it. And, I'm only about 2 months into a 2yr contract so I'm pretty much locked into this phone until I qualify for an upgrade. Other than selling it outright and making up the difference myself. That would still be quite a bit of cash I would need to come up with for either of those phones.

So far I have had zero problems with my phone. Like I said above, I've only had it for around 2 months. So we'll see. Course if something did go bad with my phone, it might make me want to save up for the Amaze or the Galaxy Nexus if T-Mobile offers it. I read someplace that they were signed up for it.
We are supposedly signed up for it, bit IIRC Verizon has rights to it for a little while. I am just hoping it is out by February as i have two lines that are on upgrade at that time.

Seems me and you got our mytouches roughly the same time. I like you haven't had hardly any issues besides a annoying back button, which I called T-Mobile on and they replaced it no questions asked. I in the end got a GB mytouch as old one was froyo and the battery life was terrible. GB is so much better. I litterally went from 8 hours to almost 16 with same use. I was considering selling the device and cutting my loses as i was so disappointed in battery performance. Not the case anymore. I have actually been very content with this phone. Only reason I would upgrade is for ICS and maybe a bigger screen, lol!

Originally Posted by mldesk View Post
i've had all the same problems...
any suggestions on resolutions.
how do you force upgrade to gingerbread?
Only way to get GB is true a retail store near you as they may have one on a memory card to update it, or wait for the OTA (over the air) update, but is going slowly that way.

Honestly if having all those problems the OP had, then send it back for a warranty replacement and more than likely you will get a pre-installed GB phone, which fixes a lot of issues.
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